Day 59

Kinda a meh day. My morning kid canceled so that was nice. I slept in and then watched “Breaking Bad” which was good as always. Then I tried to find someone to go to the Sox game with me. To no avail. Then I took Jack to the Barnes and Noble and we listened to music. Came home…pondered going to the Sox game alone…then ate the tickets. Drank on the balcony instead. So much for summer spontaneity. So it goes…

I think summer could use a reset button.

But in lieu of that…here’s some music.

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One Response to Day 59

  1. J cole
    really wish i could have gone to the tigers game with you. i wouldn’t have gotten to bed til after 3 am which would have ruined today. just seems counter-intuitive. nictd needs better train schedules in the evenings.

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