Day 58

Sunday. Storms are crazy. At night time. About every two hours.

Woke up way too late. Clouds go away. Sit outside and drink a beer and more beers.

After beers and outside and Cubs win. My friends came. They drove to Chicago. We went and had some saucy Thai food at a Thai restaurant. The Thai restaurant was BYOB so we BOOB. It was warm. But it worked. Then we went into Wicker Park Festival. Brought beer again. I finished 80% of a Foster’s tall boy before security caught me. Handed him the empty bottle. Got on with evening. Saw Blitzen Trapper. So so good.

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One Response to Day 58

  1. what does your account budget you for beer? mine budgeted me $10 which i’m thinking would last you half a day.
    byob at a Restaurant???? they need to get their liquor license.

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