Day 51

Sunday at noon was the exact mid-point of the 101 Days. Meh…

Waking up on Sunday morning was a challenge. I’m not really sure what time I finally staggered out of bed. I do know that I couldn’t get the damn paint off me. We left at about 11:30.

Sunday was hot and it seemed like it would be an excellent day to not drink. For a while I kept that up. They reduced the price of water to one dollar which was very nice. And I ate a BUNCH of food. Then I listened to Fresh and Onlys from the shade. They were ok. So was Yuck, even though they have a terrible band name and horrid cover art. Did I go see someone over at the side stage? The hell if I remember…

One of Sunday’s most anticipated sets was Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. There was a pretty big deal made about the supposed protesters who planned on showing up to make it known they didn’t agree with much hyped rap collective’s extreme lyrics. I never saw any protesters. They must have realized how stupid protesting OFWGKTA would be….seeing them live really drives it home just how over-the-top absurd their lyrics truly are. I’m amazed that anyone could possibly take them seriously enough to go out of their way to protest. I completely understand people not wanting to subject themselves to it…I prefer not to listen to them for too long, not because I think they are contributing to violent behavior, but because I can only take that level of nihilism for so long. I’ve been meaning to write a little more about OFWGKTA – since, you know, that’s what everyone is doing these days – but that will be a different day. The show was pretty fun…not quite as bonkers as I was expecting, partially because Tyler the Creator was in a cast and actually sat down for much of the set. Then he crowd surfed in his cast and lost part of it. Kill people. Burn shit. Fuck school. The end. SWAG!

After Odd Future I went and checked out a little of Shabazz Palaces. They sounded pretty good but after standing in the sun for well over an hour at Odd Future I really couldn’t take the heat anymore so I did the very last thing I’d planned on doing…put myself in a place where I could hear Ariel Pink. Ariel Pink is fucking awful. But back at camp I was far enough away that it wasn’t TOO bad. I sat in a chair. I think I may have slept a little…mostly I just spaced out (thanks to some generous friends for that…hehehe.)

Then we went over to the side stage for Kylesa. The break time reenergized me a bit and I decided it was a good time to start drinking. Then Kylesa completely wrecked shit on stage. Easily the best set of the weekend to that point. I don’t listen to a ton of metal but it’s always fun at a festival and Kylesa is probably the best live metal band I have seen. And what better time for a DANCE OFF!!! Cause that’s how we do.

Went back and sat in the shade. Listened to Deerhunter from afar. Drank. Then moved up and got a great spot for Cut Copy. They didn’t disappoint at all. Complete dance party, particularly “Lights and Music”. The only disappointing thing was the lack of “Out There On The Ice”, which is pretty much my favorite song, but they ran out of time.

TV on the Radio was the headliner. I like TV on the Radio a lot but I still just stayed and watched from camp. I was done with the crowd. And more than that I decided I’d rather take the final ninety minutes of the fest to spend with people I like and don’t get to see very often.

Then…home. Laura and Phil came over and watched My Morning Jacket “Storytellers”. Then I was tired and drunk and done being social for a while so I went to bed.

I like Pitchfork. Sunday was a real good day of music but overall I definitely saw fewer “good” sets than I ever have…but it was still lots of fun.

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2 Responses to Day 51

  1. wish i had never watched that tyler the creator video.
    ❤ cut copy

  2. kerouaccat says:

    Heh….prolly shoulda stuck a disclaimer on “Yonkers”.

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