Day 50

Saturday of Pitchfork. I got up earlyish but didn’t go to church. But I did read my Sabbath School lesson. It was really boring. For Day 52 I will write a catch-all blog about some of the non-Pitchfork related things this weekend and I’ll talk more about this AND more about “Friday Night Lights”, which I watched during breakfast. I also watched some of the T.I. “Storytellers”.

On Friday I drove to Pitchfork and on Saturday I didn’t have to cause I rode with my friend Laura who picked me up a little after 12:30. We ended up getting there around 1:45 when Woods was just getting started. We headed to camp to find everyone who was already there and it was VERY quickly a party. Listened to Woods and Cold Cave from camp. They each sounded pretty decent. I’m just sorta beyond the point of going to stand in the sun and get a good spot for bands I’m not that familiar with. I would rather just hang out in the shade and drink and chat.

When I did get up and move it was to see G-Side on the side stage. There was hardly anyone there so we walked right up front. They were good but not entirely exciting. I can’t think of any interesting anecdotes from the show.

And then there was lots of down time for laughter and eating and drinking and other things. At some point I decided face paint would be a good idea. That got a little messy. No Age and Dismemberment Plan were the bands playing at this point that we could hear. I went close for DJ Shadow for a little while and he was disappointing. He performed inside an egg which was kind of weird…probably would have been cooler if it had been darker. Also I started feeling sorta shitty at this time and I went back to camp. Then I felt better.

Fleet Foxes had an enormous crowd. Apparently they are extremely popular now…I had no idea. They were kind of ok…kind of boring…would probably prefer them if they weren’t a headliner.

So went Saturday…the music was mostly meh, the company was fun.

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One Response to Day 50

  1. wait you went back to camp? you camped there? no one tells me anything.
    most of the time the company is more important than the music, or event, in my opinion.

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