Day 41

Today was pretty decent. Slept in a bit which I have been doing because I don’t go to sleep till who knows when. Then we took the train to DC. This was the WEIRDEST thing ever because we were at the train station buying tickets and then this girl walked up and oh that’s JAMILA. Yes…we ran into our friend Jamila who we haven’t seen since K&P’s wedding at the Greenbelt Metro station. I mean….we saw her at the Metro station…Krissy and Paul didn’t get married at the Metro station. And then we rode the train with her and chatted. Then we went to two Smithsonian museums…the Museum of Natural History and the Museum of American History. The latter is my favorite. Then we came home and had supper. Then we went back to Takoma Park where we saw Isaac and Lauren and went out for beers with Isaac. So all in all…today was pretty decent.

This is one of my favorite songs this summer even though it came out last year. I especially like Drake’s verse. Lil Wayne is clearly a better rapper and I am a bigger fan of his in general, but I have a soft spot for Drake. I think if I were a rapper I would probably be Drake…I feel like I identify with him a little more. And I really like his verse in this song. “Fake friends write the wrong answers on the mirror for me”, is a direct Slumdog Millionaire reference, a movie he name drops in the previous line, but any rapper knows that when they make such a clear reference to a mirror they are bringing to mind the famous Slick Rick (and yes, Snoop Dogg) line, “Mirror Mirror on the wall / who is the top choice of them all? / There was a rumble tumble / Five minutes it lasted / The mirror said ‘You are you conceited bastard.” Nearly every rapper who has made it has a rags-to-riches story to tell. And with the riches come FRIENDS. Most rappers surround themselves with an entourage willing to tell them whatever they want to hear all the time. The same applies to most professional athletes…Lebron James’ friends were writing the wrong answers on the mirror for him when they told him, “Yeah Lebron…go ahead…everyone will love you if you do a thirty minute TV special to announce where you are playing.” (That last sentence really wasn’t all that necessary…I just felt like taking a shot at Lebron….cause fuck Lebron.) Drake is separating himself from this in this verse…he’s not with different crews, he sticks with who he knows and trusts…mostly his CM / YM colleagues. Also he likes his chicks in twos…don’t hate. Then of course Lil Wayne is just Weezy…actually Weezy is Wayne. He’s always a good time. But more than anything….THIS BEAT. I am a sucker for some triumphant horns in a hip hop song and Kane Beatz always seems to deliver those.

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3 Responses to Day 41

  1. I’m glad you figured out what the “fake friends write the wrong answers in the mirror for me” line I asked you about awhile ago. I like Drake as a rapper because I can distinctly understand all of the lyrics he raps. And you already know how I feel about this song. ❤ ❤ ❤

    I really like Kane Beatz. Here's something that might disappoint you. Remember how we liked how he says "Haters in the building" at the beginning of songs he produced? I'm pretty sure he's actually saying "Kane is in the building."

  2. kerouaccat says:

    Erica…you appear to be right. But if you google “haters in the building” you will come up with all sites about his songs so obviously we aren’t the only ones who were hearing it this way. And I agree with you and I’m going to keep saying “HATERS” cause it’s more fun.

  3. chareelouise says:

    That is so strange when that happens. You randomly run into someone you know outside of the normal parameters. It’s worse when it’s someone you don’t want to run into.

    I like when you break down songs. It makes life interesting.

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