Days 34-37

Well….I sorta got off track.

Not much to say about days 34 and 35. I spent most of the time drinking beer and feeling lonely and mopey and bored…it happens but not usually in the summer. Probably the highlight of Day 34 was the 151 comment Facebook conversation I had with Carin. She was all worried about editing my swearing before her mom saw it. Lulz. Then I got up on Friday and pondered going to the Cubs game and didn’t. Then I thought about going up to Milwaukee to see Ellis and go to Girl Talk at Summer Fest. Decided not to. Finally I forced myself to get on a train and go to Chi for Taste. I brought 4 backpack beers…drank two on the train and then realized they were actually doing bag check at Taste so I sat in the park and drank my other two before going in. Then I went in and found my friends Maggie and Bryn. We drank some beers and ate some food and watched Loretta Lynn. She is 79. Wow. Then we found some pants. Maggie stole them but then ended up leaving them on top of a garbage can because they were damp and she was kind of grossed out by that. Then I decided I should probably look at a train schedule. There was a train leaving at 8:20 and not another one till 10:20. It was 7:59. YIKES. I ran to Union Station and almost died…bear in mind I was 8 beers in and had eaten Taste food and was wearing flip flops. I pulled up at the terminal at 8:19 literally soaking wet and out of breath and asked the train guy which gate and he’s like “Gate 2…8:35PM.” Ugh. Then I did nothing when I got home.

Saturday I got a later start than I planned which was fine. I drove to Dayton. For those who don’t know…I don’t drive on expressways anymore. At least not during the daytime. I get bored cause there’s nothing to see. So I drove through hills and fields and I listened to My Morning Jacket (duh), Band of Horses, The Hold Steady…something else? I felt much happier after being on the road. In Dayton I watched “The Green Zone” with Aunt Sarah and Uncle Jeff. It was ok. Jeff made pizzas and Sarah set what has to be a record for the longest anyone has ever talked on the subject of how much Erica Slikkers likes Oreos.

Sunday was a GREAT day of driving. I really REALLY like to drive and listen to music and be alone and Sunday I had a really long and beautiful drive through the mountains. I listened to A Tribe Called Quest, My Morning Jacket (duh), the radio (mostly country), both Titus Andronicus albums (happy 4th), that one Springsteen folk songs thing I like, Bright Eyes, and after dark Cut Copy. The best part was the hour or so before dark…it always is. And then right around the time it got dark everything started feeling perfect…it was cooler out the window and I’d see fireworks every now and then and some of the most spectacular heat lightning I’ve ever seen. And Cut Copy. Other interesting things related to blue highways…

– I left Dayton at 11 AM and did not see one pretty girl until I was in Winchester, VA at 8 PM.
– I drove through one town and there was a man sitting on a horse draped in an American flag just waving at everyone who drove past.
– I saw a road called Dick’s Hollow.
– I saw lots of places that replaced “C” with “K” in the title.
– I fucking love America soooo much.

Then I got to my parents’ enormous new house. More on that later. Cause I’m getting sleepy. But I still feel super relaxed and sober and clear headed and great…I think I may even go for a run in the morning! Then tomorrow night is the DC fireworks for the first time in TWENTY YEARS…#cantwait. Though I hear they ain’t got shit on Baroda these days.

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One Response to Days 34-37

  1. chareelouise says:

    LOL…I love your life so much sometimes…I’m pretty sure Baroda’s fireworks rocked more than DC’s…

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