Day 28

Well today was day three of crap weather. I took advantage of crap weather by actually getting a lot of things done that I’ve been meaning to do for some time. Here’s what I did…

– Woke up at a decent time and then sat around and did nothing (well….watched “Fresh Prince”) for a couple hours while my mom was being patSLOW getting ready for her day.
– Went to breakfast with my Kenslow.
– Came home from breakfast….by this time it was after 12 already and Kenslow got obsessed with the Casey Anthony trial. I didn’t care so I…
– …took a nap! For 2 hours! And then woke up to find Kenslow was still watching the trial.
(I bet you’re wondering where all that productivity comes in…right now!)
– Got my car washed and the interior cleaned (finally.)
– Got my oil changed.
– Went to the toll road place and got my fines cleared up.
– Got my hair cut.
(whew…guess all I needed was a nap.)
– Watched Seinfeld and ate supper.
– Went to the Gray house with Kenslow to pick up my bike.
– Came home and blogged.

So not a terribly interesting day but a productive one. Now I’m ready for a fun FUN weekend of good weather and music and happy.

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4 Responses to Day 28

  1. Carin says:

    kenslow is there? not just pitter pat?

  2. lilslik says:

    oh good you got your bike. that has been on my mind. while you were at the gray household, did you drop off their christmas present that i opened?
    you just reminded me i am 1500 mi over on my oil change. shnibs.

  3. kerouaccat says:

    I was way worse than that.

  4. kerouaccat says:

    and no…I didn’t.

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