Day 17

I’m still working on Day 16. I need to catch up. We going outta order. Fuck it.

Day 17 was Monday I saw JR and Jen my favorite couple in the whole entire world. 9.8 and that’s no bull shittin’. When I got to their house I showered and felt so much better…then this conversation happened.

JR: Denslow, I decided to include you on our plans for the evening. We are going rock climbing.

Jen: JR, did you consider that Mike may not want to go rock climbing. He has been at Bonnaroo all weekend.

JR: I know. That’s why we are bringing beer and a hammock.

Love them.

But for real…JR has been my friend since 5th grade. And he’s that rare friend that I like MORE since he got married. And Jen is spectacular and I love them together. JR used to always give me shit about being (pretty much always) single and the irony is that now it is JR who has made me realize that I’ve pretty much been right all along: I don’t ever want to waste my time with anyone unless I’m absolutely silly in love with them and want to see them every single day. And I’ll always be thankful to JR and Jen that last June I got to spend some quality time with them just in the nick of time when I needed to be reminded of that. The end.

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One Response to Day 17

  1. lilslik says:

    you should stay friends with them. #keepers

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