Day 12: Then you get some ‘cuda in the front seat of the Hummer

Today my vacation began and it was a pretty good day. I got up EARLY (like 6:30) for a vacation day. SO MUCH excitement. And a good thing I did cause I didn’t really get out of my house till a little before ten anyway. I made the decision that my car could wait till I get back for an oil change (I’m so good at decision making) and hit the road.

The first stop I made was Niles. I was going to go to Quizno’s with Erica but it was in a GAS STATION (lulz) and then we were going to go to Blueberry Hill but then it turned out there was Pizza Hut and that sounded good to me. So we had pizza. I would post some HILARIOUS photos of Erica eating pizza except I need to go to bed pretty quick here.

Then I drove to Dayton, OH. The drive was nice. I love to drive. My favorite part was driving through Amish country. Those Amish…they make EVERYTHING look hilarious. I saw one Amish riding along on his bicycle and WHOOOOSH off flew his hat. And then two girl Amishes started laughing at him. It’s like the same things we do but with silly clothes! I also saw a female Amish mowing her lawn with a lawnmower! One thing I notice about the Amish is that they all interpret Amishism differently. Like I passed an Amish in a pickup truck. I wonder if there is strife within the community over these matters. I will find out.

Two funny names of restaurants I saw today are:

Kuntry Kitchen (why?)
Hot Head Burritos (AHAHAHAHAHA!)

Sarah and Jeff gave me lots of snacks for Bonnaroo. Babcia is here and very calm and collected. That is nice.

OK…that’s all. I may have to update this ish next on Tuesday as I’ll be semi-off-the-grid. You can follow me on the twatter if ya wanna know how Roo is going.

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2 Responses to Day 12: Then you get some ‘cuda in the front seat of the Hummer

  1. chareelouise says:

    Maybe they were Mennonite? I love your stories, especially the ones about the Amish and silly restaurant names.

  2. lilslik says:

    that chef at kuntry kitchen is such a kunt.
    reading about your amish observations reminded me of feeding time. we’re still all people, but some people are more fun to observe than others.
    i can’t wait til you make your COW photo album on facebook.

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