Day 11: School’s Out

Today was THE last day of school. And it was hardly school. The kids (but only two of them) came for an hour. Then they went home and we cleaned and stuff. And then it was over. Went to Potter’s for dranks and lunch. Stayed all afternoon sipping beers on the patio on the hottest day in five years. Cot Damn was it hot out! Then I came home and sat out on the deck and listened to Eminem till it was dark. And I realized that I’m actually kind of excited to see Eminem on Saturday.

I’m going to bed now. I’m leaving first thing in the morning. Bonnaroo.

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2 Responses to Day 11: School’s Out

  1. lilslik says:

    today should be good.

  2. Carin says:

    i love eminem. he’s the real slim shady.

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