Day 10: What a field day for the heat!

Well it was hotter than balls out today. And of course today would have to be field day at school. Field day is the day when all the kids go out in the field and wear yellow magentic shirts and play stupid games like the one where you spin your forehead around on a bat and then run. For neurotypical kids it is fucking stupid. For autistic kids it is fucking stupid. Neurotypical kids hate field day and so do autistic kids. It is the common denominator of elementary school existence. Field day is fucking terrible.

We took our kids out a few minutes after one and went to sit with them under a tree. (By the way…when I say it was hot out I mean it was 93 degrees out.) Then they opened the water table so we took them to the water table for a drink. Then more shade. Then we were like, well we should do something seeing as it is field day and all. So we took them to play some game involving sponges and running between two buckets of water. I don’t really understand this game and neither did the kids but they liked the water. Then we took them to another station that was simply a race. Like from here to there…except our kids just keep running at the finish line. So we chase them. It’s great fun for absolutely nobody. Then more water. Then some game that nobody understood. Something else happened. A kid threw up. I had to go inside and deal with something. Then we took the kids in and turned on a movie. Fuck field day.

On top of all the regularly scheduled crappiness of field day, I was feeling pretty lousy to begin with. Just sorta queasy, dehydrated, faint, etc. The 93 degree temps didn’t help. I didn’t do very well at drinking yesterday….which is pretty rare for me. I’m usually pretty good at it.

So tomorrow (day11) is the LAST day of school thank heavens. Four hours to work and then off to Potter’s where we have a reservation on the patio. Which is probably a terrible idea considering the high tomorrow is 96. Feels like a disaster in the making. But I don’t plan on staying too long cause I need to pack for BONNAROO. Where I will be seeing Buffalo Springfield. Makes my cypher complete.

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4 Responses to Day 10: What a field day for the heat!

  1. lilslik says:

    well field day sounds like a flop. i experienced the same feelings that you did only from inside where i had the comfort of air conditioning, so i think you won the worse day award. sorry about that 😦

  2. Lynsye says:

    field day should have included beer. that would have made it more fun for both you and the autistic kids.

  3. chareelouise says:

    I must be neuroatypical because I loved field day…then again it was in the UP and usually about 65 or 70 so we never had to worry about hot as balls. What’s the ambient temperature of testicles btw?/

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