Day 6: Last Day of 30

Now that I’ve had some time to think about it….fuck being 31. That is way more years than I feel comfortable being. You can have birthdays!

You can have my kids too while you’re at it!

Did someone change the font…up in HERE up in HERE.

And now it’s time for weird things about Adventism. Why do we have this whole lingo that nobody else uses? How come at Adventist schools is the PTA called “Home and School”? Why not just call them the PTA like every other school? And why do people my parents age call high school “academy”. One time a while back I was going to drop the word “stewardship” into an album review and then I started getting a funny feeling…I Googled the word and SURE ENOUGH the first link was an Adventist site. (Update: is still on the first page of Google but it has slipped down the page some…the new frontrunner is Dave Ramsey, who probably picked up the word from one of the Adventists who has been doing him.)

Anyway…tomorrow is my birthday. I hope I can find something interesting to do. Meh…

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2 Responses to Day 6: Last Day of 30

  1. lilslik says:

    i sort of stopped doing dave ramsey. i hope he’s getting it from somewhere else.

    andrews academy calls it pta. they are so progressive!

    i’m with you though. i hate sevvy lingo.


  2. doctorwaffle says:

    Happy Birthday, brother!

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