Day 4: Tuesday Zoosday

Today was Tuesday Zoosday. About a month ago we decided we wanted to take our kiddos on a trip to Brookfield Zoo. Somehow we pulled this off, further proving the fact that Katie and I do procrastination like nobody’s business. Anyway today the day arrived. Our bus was late, then our bus was there but it was missing all the harnesses and buckle guards. So we ended up sitting on the bus waiting for those things. Also it was hot. We finally got going about 45 minutes late.

The trip: The kids were great on the bus. So were the adults. The bus driver told us we could have some extra time at the zoo since we got there late. And we took it. In all we were there about two and a half hours. It was super hott. We looked at the following animals: zebras, giraffes, something with twisty antlers, bison, fish, birds, ducks, a baboon, crocodiles, penguins, lions, tigers, dolphins, seals, merry go round, insects. Maybe some more. Also I took boys to the bathroom a lot. Then we took the bus back to school and killed the final hour of the day.

After school I went home and ate Italian Ice and watched Friday Night Lights. SUMMER

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2 Responses to Day 4: Tuesday Zoosday

  1. chareelouise says:

    Zoosday should be an official weekday…I love Zoo’s like nobody’s business. Once, I went to four different zoos in one month.


  2. lilslik says:

    sounds like a lovely day. too bad you didn’t take pictures.

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