Looooooong day

Today was a looooooooong day.

I got up early and went to work. We had to present to the ENTIRE staff about autism. Then we had our book study with staff. Then the kids got there. I had plan time and I took advantage and went to Noodles for lunch. Then I had a big long meeting in the afternoon. Also one of my kids bumped his head and that was another ordeal…my kids are dropping like flies. Then after school it was time for the…..STUDENT COUNCIL SOCIAL where they socialized and played balloon volleyball and drank juice boxes (obviously right up my alley.) Then we sent them home and I went home where I am now watching the sunset and listening to…..wait for it…..K-Ci and Jojo. Laugh if you want but when’s the last time you heard a Top-40 R&B single as good as “All My Life”? Plus….I still have to go out again tonight to watch the Hawks game.

Today is still a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG day.

I’m interested in everyone’s thoughts on the following subjects….

1) What is the smartest animal? What was the smartest animal 35 years ago?
2) What world leader would be best suited to be president of the United States (assuming there are no laws regarding eligibility.)
3) Who would you rather stay up all night talking with…..Jewel or Meat Loaf?
4) What is the worst song lyric of ALL TIME?
5) If you could kill one celebrity to bring one dead celebrity to life who would they be? People will know you were responsible.
6) Katy Perry….what the fuck?
7) Michael Jordan’s mustache…do you approve?

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11 Responses to Looooooong day

  1. Carin says:

    i think i would kill paris hilton. or maybe speidi.

    but i would bring back james dean. i almost said jimmy dean, but id on’t want the sausage guy.

    michael jordan can do whatever the eff he wants. i’m gonna go google a picture.

    eloise is the smartest animal ever, duh.

  2. chareelouise says:

    1) Seth is the smartest animal I know…35 years ago definitely someone I didn’t know
    2) The Dalai Lama
    3) After watching celebrity apprentice I’m a little afraid of Meatloaf so probably Jewel just so he doesn’t hurt me.
    4) Since I’m on a Rebecca Black kick I have to say “Tomorrow is Saturday
    And Sunday comes after … wards”
    5) I’m with Carin…Speidi if they count as one person, Spenser if they don’t….ooo, or Tyra Banks.
    6) Katy Perry is on my hot list since she created the best nail polish in the world as shown to me by Erica tonight. Bitches better back off her.
    7) I do not approve of mustaches especially ones that look like that. Is it supposed to be Charlie Chaplin because it’s definitely leaning towards Hitler.

    Did you really want to hear my opinion because if you did I owe you a cookie!?

    BTW, when is my intervention, I want to make sure there is a lot of food there…

  3. kerouaccat says:

    Oh don’t say the Dalai Lama….seriously?

    Your intervention is next Friday. Best Friday.

  4. kerouaccat says:

    Best Friday. Maybeee

  5. doctorwaffle says:

    In other K-Ci and JoJo and news, I was looking for piano music for the Mother’s Day Tea at my church, and I came across my sheet music for “All My Life.” Two K-Ci and JoJo moments within one week is something that hasn’t happened in a decade.

    1) My cat: Squeak Squeakums, Kitty Reporter. I mean, how many cats can be both cats AND reporters?
    2) I don’t know. I have this secret joy in imagining a Clinton (Hilary)/Clinton (Chelsea) ticket at some point. I dream of the sitcom-y possibilities of a mother/daughter in the White House.
    3) Jewel would probably natter on about her eggs and her pancakes, too. One time, I even saw her console a cup of coffee, but it didn’t want to talk. Screw Jewel (and Meatloaf), I’d rather pick a book up and turn the sheets down and take a deep breath and a good look around.
    4) Beyonce, To the Left: “I could have another you in a minute / Matter fact he’ll be here in a minute.” I love Beyonce, but rhyming minute with minute? Lame.
    5) I would gladly trade James Franco for James Dean. There is such a resemblance that some people might not even notice.
    6) Katy Perry….what the fuck? Fuck the what.
    7) Michael Jordan’s mustache…do you approve? Meh.

  6. kerouaccat says:

    For the record…I’ve been saying since college that I think it is unfair what Hitler did to that mustache…and I feel like MJ is just the guy to take it back.

    Those Beyonce lyrics are FAAAAR from the worst lyrics. People rhyme that way all the time and I usually don’t have a strong beef with it. Also…during that 31 minute phone call yesterday Momslow sang a Beyonce song at one point.

  7. lilslik says:

    heeeeey why did i just now see this?

  8. lilslik says:

    worst song lyrics – see my blog today. do you ever feeellll like a plastic baaaaag….

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