…in which Mike blogs as another blogger.

Hello…my name is Erica.  I don’t blog anymore because Paul doesn’t blog anymore.  I am SOOO silly.  Luckily I have Mike here to transmit what I’ve been up to:

1) I have an autistic cat named Fritz who knocks things over lots and sings like John Darnielle.

2) I go on too too short bike rides on cold days.

3) I have a job but I get paid too little and work too hard.  I’m going to move to Chicago where everything is PERFECT for 9-10 months a year.

(But on the realz…Erica you should totally blog again…you will feel less stressed out and I will get to read it and everyone else will too. Paul is a special case…he will always only blog once a month. He is SOOOO sillier than you!)

((On the realz…Paul you should too…kick some knowledge at us northerners.))

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12 Responses to …in which Mike blogs as another blogger.

  1. lilslik says:

    how did you know! everything was right on!
    you have no idea how much excited i was when i saw this blog. it just made me realize today isn’t so bad!

    big grins



  2. chareelouise says:

    So many inside knowledge I’m not a part of happening here.

  3. chareelouise says:

    many=much or the work jokes should be in that sentence I don’t know, it’s just wrong.

  4. doctorwaffle says:

    Giggle. I think we should all blog as someone else.

  5. lilslik says:

    everybody’s comments on this post are funny and silly!

  6. Don’t get me started…. Women!

  7. chareelouise says:


    What I was trying to say was that there’s so many inside jokes and stuff in this post that I don’t understand half of what you’re posting. whew, maybe that’s clearer…maybe not…

  8. chareelouise says:

    there are not there’s, damnit, I can’t write a clear sentence these days…

  9. kerouaccat says:

    Charee…have you been using druqs. Seriously…I will organize an intervention. It would be a great excuse to get fucked up.

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