What’s YOUR muff?

I don’t really feel like blogging but I told Erica I would so….here’s what I’ve been doing since the last time I blogged.

– I went to Sea World.

– Ate creamy…dreamy…grits at THA BIZKIT.  TWICE!

– Drank a few beers.

– Drafted another fantasy baseball team.

– Beheld pelicans.

– Had many plenty beers.

– Watched the Cubs opener at the bar in Gainesville.

– Saw some allimagators.

Then on Saturday I drove home.  This was an ordeal.  It took me 19.3 hours.  I arrived home at 3 AM.  Along the way I stopped at the book store and stayed longer than I should have (this being the point of the day when I didn’t realize it was going to take me so long to get home) and at Sweet Tomatoes.  The latter was an excellent decision.  I find it very vital to eat a full meal when traveling…that way I don’t feel all gross.  The other nice thing on the trip was listening to the radio.  I will talk more about this tomorrow.  Especially Harold Camping (omg I just realized the RAPTURE is the day of the Autism Walk….that is going to be so pretty all the bodies disappearing out of the lakefront.)  A nice part of the drive was after Nashville and the mountains with the sun going down and the windows open and Fleet Foxes.

Then I got home and slept four hours and then I went to the Cubs game with my old friend Emmer.  He is into the Tea Party and all that shit but we still had a good time watching the Cubs blow a game in the ninth inning.

So now I’m back at work and that’s ok.  Yesterday my kiddo swallowed a penny.  When asked why he did this he replied, “It’s my lucky day!”  Today he didn’t come to school….and he hadn’t eaten anything.  Hope he is ok.


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6 Responses to What’s YOUR muff?

  1. lilslik says:

    oh no your student! hehehehe it’s so silly though!

    thanks for blogging and for telling us what you’ve been up to. i am looking forward to discussions about harold camping in the future.

    guess i’m not going on the autism walk because i’ll be cruising. but we’ll see the rapture wherever we are.

  2. chareelouise says:

    what’s your muff sounds dirty…also, how did I miss that the rapture was coming up? I can’t believe your student swallowed a penny. Hope he’s ok too. I’m glad you blogged, it made my day!

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