So it’s been two days since I left Bolingbrook.  It’s been pretty great.  Here’s the gist of what I’ve been up to.

– Left Ballin’ Brook at 4:00 Friday afternoon.  I made great time.  When I got to Kentucky I had not stopped yet.  But then I ran into a MONSTER traffic jam and decided I wasn’t dealing with it any more.  I stopped in Elizabethtown, KY.  And I tried about eight hotels before I found a room at the Best Western. Not a great ending to the night.  I had a supper of potato chips and dip.

– Left Elizabethtown a little after 8 in the morning Saturday.  Once again I made really good time.  The worst part was dealing with the rain.  And the temperature didn’t hit 60 till I got to ATL.  But from there it went up quickly.  My drive to St. Augustine took my on some 2 lane highways for the final 3-4 hours and this was nice.  The highlight was crossing the bridge in Jacksonville at sunset listening to “One Big Holiday” with the windows down.

– Did it up right on Saturday night.  Lots of fun drinking at the beach at midnight but the highlight was probably racing Razor scooters around the Hilton parking lot at 2 in the morning.  Also Paul and Whit getting kicked out of the pool.

– Sunday was beautiful.  Sat at the beach and had a couple beers and got a sunburn.  Then went into the indoor/outdoor bar (my favorite!) and watched VCU beat Kansas.  We even made some friends for life at the bar.

– Drove to Gainesville and ate supper with Krissy and Paul and watched some silly English people on a movie about English people.

So I’m warm and happy.  I’m also sunburned, dehydrated, and completely exhausted so I’m going to bed now.  Tomorrow is going to be sort of a regrouping day.  Flying Biscuit for breakfast (!) and then maybe just hang out and do some reading…outdoors of course.

Here is the most encouraging aspect of the trip: my appetite seems to be returning with a vengeance.  After some hit-or-miss dining Friday and Saturday (not by choice) I ate like a champ today.  At the Hilton this morning I fixed me up a plate with a waffle and some grits and potatoes (and even a bear!)  Then a lady asked me if I wanted to order an ommelette or anything and I was like OH NO and then Wade and Whit informed me they had been wrong about free breakfast and it was in fact 9 dollars.  So I was like…get back here and bring me an ommelette.  And she did…with more potatoes.  Then an hour later Paul decided he was hungry and we went to Steak and Shake (worst restaurant) where I ate some cheese fries.  On the way home from the beach I ate a bag of chips cause I was famished.  Then we got back to Paul and Krissy’s and Krissy made some potatoes and tofu and collards.  I HAD SECONDS EVEN! Then I ate a not ice cream sandwich.  Then I was just about to go to bed and I remembered she said something about vegan mac and cheese so I crept ever so quietly downstairs and filled up a bowl.  This is definitely my most substantial day of eating in sometime and it leads me to believe that the warm air and lack of stress has cured me of the brain tumor that had been ailing me.

Now to sleep and dream of CREAMY DREAMY GRITS.

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4 Responses to FLORIDA

  1. Carin says:

    i’m glad you don’t have a brain tumor. those things are the pits.

  2. lilslik says:

    glad your appetite is back for a selfish reason! you’ll stop making me look like a pig when we eat at restaurants together! plus, food is almost always instantaneous joy. you should be experiencing it!

    i was wondering why you didn’t stay at one of my recommended hotels, but i see you didn’t even make it to nash. the first night. crying shame.

  3. chareelouise says:

    So much fun. Wish I was there rather than here…You sound like you’re having a much more exciting time than we are here. Erica and I eat a lot of mac and cheese and paint our nails which is ALWAYS very fun, but let’s face it, not as exciting as the adventure you’re having in the warmth. I think I’ll be less cranky when I can stop wearing a coat is what it is is what it is.

    Plus, I can’t see the guide on the TV which is a real bummer because someone stupid went to Bolingbrook and left their glasses behind. boohoo

  4. doctorwaffle says:

    I’m glad you and Paul like the vegan mac and cheese. I really don’t. Eat all you want. 🙂

    Wake up so we can go to Cedar Key!

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