Well my day wasn’t so much sexy as it was long and busy.  It was really a true hump day (still not sexy)…my last real hurdle of stress before Florida…with Wednesday behind me I am in a much better mood now. The nice thing is that nearly everything went well (or at least no worse than I imagined.)

1) I went in super early.  I got to work at about 7:15.  This is because I had a lot to do.  I got some of it done.  Meh.

2) Wednesday is PD Wednesday!  PD Wednesday is the WORST.  But today’s wasn’t bad cause we stayed in our little room and did our own work and complained about our TA’s.

3) I had my evaluation this morning.  Nothing shocked me.  I have great ideas.  I don’t follow through on them enough.  Bla.  I’m rehired.  (Winning.)

4) Picture day.  All the kids pictures turned out well.  I wasn’t there for it (winning) cause I was at my eval, but I showed up when they had just finished and about 8 moms I don’t know were like MR. DENSLOW!  Apparently I’m mom-famous.  (Winning.)

5) I had some Panera for lunch.  Meh.  But nice to get out of the building for a little while.

6) I had plan time this afternoon.

7) I had a team meeting to plan behavior plans for two kids.  It was a pretty productive meeting.

8) Student Council.  We are running the Power Paw Assembly on Friday so we rehearsed for that.  The kids were terrible.  They also voted on what they want for Spirit Week.  They voted for Multiplicity Day, Crazy Hair Day, and some other wacked out shit.  They voted down BOTH Hat Day and Sports Jersey Day.  Fucking kids.

9) Coming home.

10) Mongolian Grill.  I went there with Kenslow and Jason and Andrea who happened to be visiting Chicago with their new baby Noah who is small and precious.  We talked and had good times and I ate a TON of food.  I finished my food and then upgraded to the all you can eat.  It was great…brain tumor be damned!

Tomorrow: Nothing too outrageous happening.  Just getting through the day…then coming home to pack PACK PACK and do laundry and watch loads of basketball.  San Diego St. vs. UConn is the first game so I should know plenty early if I’m gonna be rich.

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2 Responses to Wednesday

  1. lilslik says:

    pretty excited about san diego st game.

    Kids are dumb. Here’s the thing about Spirit Week. You don’t really plan ahead… so you should vote for easy spirit things (i.e. hat day and jersey day). Otherwise you wake up and go, shit.. it’s multiplicity day. what on earth am i going to do? I mean, what do I know. Maybe kids plan ahead these days. My guess is they don’t.

    the moms want you! that part of your day is sexy.

  2. doctorwaffle says:

    1) I don’t know what Multiplicity Day means.

    2) Florida!!!!!!!

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