Well I was going to throw up a vlog tonight and then I decided not to. This is mostly cause I’m drunk and messing with my webcam seems like all kindsa bad idea right now. So I decided maybe to just write about my weekend a little. Here are some of the main themes of my not-so-epic weekend:

1) Pitchfork: The first thing I did when I got home from work this weekend was buy my 3-day pass for July’s Pitchfork Festival. I have sort of mixed feelings on the initial lineup announcement. I am absolutely thrilled about the weekend ending with Cut Copy and TV on the Radio. But Animal Collective? I mean…fuck Animal Collective. I’m happy to see Fleet Foxes but they seem a little underwhelming as Saturday’s headliner. I am excited for Das Racist and Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. Maybe also Deerhunter. But only 1/3 of the lineup is out now so I’m expecting plenty more excitement to come. Anyway…I listened exclusively to Pitchfork artists this weekend and I’m excited. But I’m sticking to my guns on Ariel Pink being the worst shit ever.

2) Alcohol: SHHHHH….I’m on a bit of a bender right now. To be sure this is a Michael Denslow bender…very different from, say, a Charlie Sheen bender. A Michael Denslow bender just means I open a beer just about any time I feel like. And any time I feel like generally means about once an hour whenever I’m not at work. Which means I have a few beers on weeknights and get fairly drunk on weekends. And so here I am at midnight on a Sunday…I need to get up for work soon but I’m drunk and that makes me feel better. I was talking with my work friend Katie about how we drank on St. Patrick’s Day last year and then just kept drinking until summer was over. Well St. Pat’s is two weeks away and I guess I got a head start on last year’s pace. But…I mean…it’s so cold and sad outside. And soon it will be warm and happy which is all the more reason to have a drink.

3) Fam: I saw Moms on Saturday morning. We didn’t go to church. I said it’s cold and I don’t wanna dress up for church and she was like we really should go to church cause of Jesus and whatnot and then she was like maybe we should watch on tv and I was like sold so I went over and we watched Dwight on the Interweb. And she showed me houses. Then today Kenslow came over (he is in town) and we watched the Bulls / Heat game (which the Bulls won) and then he just sorta stuck around a couple more hours. So I sorta put the bender on hold. And he showed me houses.

4) Books: I finished Zeitoun this weekend and almost refinished Klosterman’s Killing Yourself to Live. This was nice because Eggers and Klosterman are probably my two favorite active writers. Eggers is probably the more prolific author, especially given the diversity of his work. He’s the best. But Klosterman is special for me. I think my writing and my relationship to pop culture is strongly influence by Klosterman and I think that every time I read anything he writes. Tomorrow maybe I will list some of my favorite moments from Killing Yourself to Live. Also my Borders is closing. Fuck that shit.

5) Basketball: I love the Bulls right now. This weekend they won road games at Orlando and Miami (!). They are now ahead of the Heat in the Eastern Conference standings. Also….holy college hoops. It’s like a avalanche of that shit and only gonna get better the next two weeks. I’m so excited.

That’s all for now. Should I leave you with a song? Or no? Oh jus go dance a little!

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5 Responses to coplightsflashlightsspotlightsstrobelightsstreetlights

  1. Carin says:

    all i have to say is OHIO STATE

  2. doctorwaffle says:

    I’m glad that you enjoyed Zeitoun. I devoured that book. Eggers writes such lovely prose. You should tool around on (which Eggers founded).

    What’s the discount at the Borders right now?

  3. lilslik says:

    well it’s a good thing i’m not going to pitchfork as i haven’t heard of a single group you listed. their names seem to have an animal or animal butchering trend.

    when you watched dwight, did you see me in the FRONT ROW? Or did you watch an old sermon?

  4. chareelouise says:

    wowza, I don’t recognize a single one of those band names either! Krissy gave Seth a Klosterman book once and he lent it to me before we were married and I accidentally left it in a bathroom one of the Green Bay hospitals. (sorry Krissy!)

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