Today when I was riding around with Jack we listened to this song…

…and it passed the Jack Test with flying colors. At the end of the Busta verse he just burst out laughing maybe harder than I have ever seen him laugh. And I totally get it cause that verse is so silly. Then Jack started trying to imitate it and he couldn’t obviously so he just started going LOOK AT ME NOW the rest of the evening.

The other funny kid related thing today was my not-autistic kid. He hates doing work or anything he perceives as work. And when I say hate it I mean he just completely shuts down any time there is anything that looks anything like work. So we usually just don’t do shit. You have to sort of fool him into working. That’s what we did today. I got him to “read” this book about animals and he was actually doing something resembling reading. Then we thought of “B” words. (My favorite is beer.) Anyway…he did awesome and we acted all crazy the whole time and he was laughing and all that and got a TON done….like more than ever before. And then when we were done I was like WE’RE DONE LET’S GO TO SNACK! And he was laughing all hard and goes HAHAHAHA NO WORK TODAY! I was like….YEAH, you really dodged a BBBBBBBUllet on that one! And he was like…..HAHAHAHHAHA B WORD! Then he hit me cause that’s what he does when he gets really happy.

OK…I’m going to bed. Tomorrow night I’m gonna blog about Uzzah. So I would like all yr thoughts on Uzzah.

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  1. Carin says:

    is your not-autistic kid someone with a different behavioral issue? why are you working with him in special ed?

  2. lilslik says:

    i was just listening to that song. at first i hated it, then i decided to like it. the hating and liking was all within 24 hours. suddenly the radio stations and pandora were playing it like mad! now i’m listening to lupe fiasco ‘words i never said’ because i have it since i am a pirate.

    that story is presh! i’m going to nominate you for some teacher award just as soon as i find one.

    was totally expecting an uzzah blog.

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