She got jumper cable lips…she got sunset on her breath…I inhaled just a little bit…now I got no fear of death

I forgot to mention the part from yesterday where I taught Jack an important lesson on saving money. After Chipotle we went to Borders and he listened to some tunes and then decided that he wanted to buy (sigh) the “Cars” soundtrack. And I said GREAT! and we got in the car and drove to Best Buy to purchase it. The best part is that now that I wrote all that I realized that I DID mention this yesterday. Drunk blogging FTW!

But what I didn’t mention is that I bought me a CD too. I decided that since “Home” had been stuck in my head all day I should just go ahead and buy the Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros album. I knew a few of the other songs but not all that well. I realize I’m tardy to the Magnetic Zero party but I’m happy to report that I really enjoy the whole album. While I’m sticking to my original stance that nothing quite touches “Home”, I have to say that “Janglin” comes really close. You may recognize it from the Ford Fiesta commercial:

I also really like “40 Day Dream”.

So luckily I had that album for all my driving today. I had to go ALL THE HELL THE WAY to Metea Valley High School and I realized my district is way too big when it took me forty minutes to get there. I ended up getting 5 hours sleep last night and I got to Institute Day late which turned out to be AWESOME because the auditorium was full which meant I got to watch the two hour keynote address in the overflow room (AKA the irresponsible slacker room) with my friend Steve – the one I was drinking with last night – who unsurprisingly also showed up late. The overflow room is funny because nobody there really gives a shit about the speaker and everyone just screws around. Then I went to my other classes which were all pretty meh.

I went to Qdoba with Moms tonight and then on the way home I decided I hadn’t driven enough yet so I just drove around and listened to Johnny Cash. My favorite thing to do sometimes. I had a full Johnny Cash blog planned but I’m too sleepy and I want to get up at a decent hour for driving to Michigan. But here’s a great song for yr Sabbath all with Johnny Cash pics and everything!

Finally….just to keep the theme of the week going….DIDDY DIRTY MONEY!!!

Is a house really a home when your loved ones are gone?


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6 Responses to She got jumper cable lips…she got sunset on her breath…I inhaled just a little bit…now I got no fear of death

  1. Carin says:


    i also love qdoba. yum. it sounds like a really good day.

    i sat next to a guy with asperger’s at a friend’s birthday party tonight. he talked a lot about a girl he went on one date with two weeks ago that hasn’t called him back.

  2. chareelouise says:

    tardy to the party, that reference was not lost on this reality tv watching fool. Qdoba AND Chipotle. Which do you prefer?

  3. kerouaccat says:

    Carin…if you haven’t seen “Adam” you should watch it.

    Charee…I think I slightly prefer Qdoba, but it’s possible that is just because I don’t eat there as much as Chipotle. I really like the Mexican Gumbo.

  4. kerouaccat says:

    Also…my friend was telling me about her friend who went on a date with a guy with Aspergers and it was really awkward. They met on the Internet and the whole date was really weird. I guess it took him a really long time to finish his food and pretty much everything was awkward. Then he contacted her again and asked if they could go out again and she said she didn’t think so. Then he contacted her again and said, “I understand that the date didn’t go well and why you wouldn’t want to go on another one…but could we maybe get together some time and you could give me some tips for future reference.” ❤

  5. lilslik says:

    Well it’s a good thing I didn’t read this blog until NOW because all of these topics, in this order, were discussed on the way to Dzia Dzia’s.

    I don’t have anything new to comment because I commented on all of them orally in the car.


  6. doctorwaffle says:

    We have a lot of chains here, but strangely not Qdoba. I think I prefer it to Chipotle, which we do have conveniently located across from campus.

    I have only heard a few songs from that album by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. I’m a fan, but I agree that “Home” is my favorite song so far.

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