Age is a funny thing. Some people don’t like to admit their age. They will turn 27 and then be like…”Oh…I’m 23.” This makes no sense. Let’s say that age DOES matter. And let’s say you look and act like you are about 30. If someone in this position were to lie, they most likely would tell people they are 24 or 25. But if you are going to lie about your age it seems like you would say you are 35 or 36. What would you rather be….a 36 year old who comes across as a younger person or a 23 year old who seems old? ANYWAY…

Age is pretty much a state of mind. Everyone is afraid of being old. I personally think being old sounds great. You don’t have to go to work. You can say whatever the hell you want and people just chalk it up to your age. You can sit on your porch and yell at teenagers and drink beer all day. All of this sounds very attractive to me. The only part I don’t like is the part about dying soon.

I am currently 30. This is a pretty good age for me. It’s kind of the age where you can get away with acting whatever age you like. And this is perfect for me because in some ways I am an old man and in other ways I am completely immature. 30 is a nice age for me because I am not so old that my immaturity is pathetic and I’m not so young that people think I’m lame for my old man tendencies.

A lot of people probably think I am immature and they are not necessarily wrong. I don’t own a house. I don’t have a wife or children. I do pretty much WHATEVER I want WHENEVER I want. I don’t save money. I live for the moment. I go to rock concerts. I stay up till 3 in the morning. I drink too much. I don’t eat breakfast. Sometimes I forget to pay my bills. I don’t shave every day. I don’t like to go to church. The general consensus is that at my age I should be living a different lifestyle.

On the other hand…. I have a rewarding, full time job that pays a pretty good salary. I never miss a day of work and am only late when I sleep through my alarm. I have my own place. I own a really nice car. In many ways I am light years beyond most of the people I graduated with.

There seems to be this agreed upon idea of what you should be doing at certain ages. But it’s all so arbitrary. I actually felt a sense of relief when I turned 30 because I feel like I am going to be so much better at being in my 30s than I was at being in my 20s….particularly in the domain of leisure time. People in their 20s go to clubs…they dance and try to look nice and get laid and be trendy and all that shit. I was horrible at all that. What I’m good at is going to the bar, sitting and watching the game and making small talk with the people sitting next to me. That’s what people in their 30s do.

So…this isn’t the most introspective or revealing post of the week. Yesterday and tomorrow probably have that pretty well covered. I guess my basic point is that my numerical age holds very little significance to me. I want to live forever so what does my age matter? I do enjoy the attention of being the young single guy at work that everyone goes crazy about. But I also enjoy not getting carded for beer. So yeah….this is a good age for me.

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2 Responses to Aging

  1. lilslik says:

    They will turn 27 and then be like…”Oh…I’m 23.” OMG WHO SAYS THAT!

    I think everyone has an age they are best at. I don’t think I’ve had my best age yet, but I think based on what you’ve said for being 30, it sounds like you’re at the right place. Good luck with 31.

    I’m hoping my best age is 27 and the year lasts FOREVER.

  2. chareelouise says:

    I plan on lasting forever too so here’s to hoping that 27 “lasts forever” like Erica said!

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