In My Lifetime

The end is in sight.  The worst is over.  The way I see it we have only one more week of HARD winter.  Next weekend is a LONG weekend and then a short week and then it is March so really life is just about getting through this next bitch of a week.

I’ve decided to cope with this one last depressing winter week by goin’ all crazy with the blogging.  So it is with apologies to Jay-Z that I unveil the “In My Lifetime” series, an uncharacteristically candid collection of posts on the fundamental issues of human existence.  The series will begin later tonight with “Death” and progress to “Birth”.

While these seven posts will explore the basic questions of what it means to be alive, I should probably make it clear that I have NO IDEA about the answers.  As is the case with just about everything I write, I am mostly just trying to collect my own thoughts and, in this case, maybe spark a little dialogue on life’s major issues that we all face, yet so rarely discuss with any degree of seriousness.

Also…I haven’t quite yet decided how I’m going to work my Grammy blogging into all this.

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3 Responses to In My Lifetime

  1. lilslik says:

    You make my blogs look like chicken shit! But… I’m looking forward to your seven blogs. I think you’re really quite smart, Row Yr.

  2. chareelouise says:

    I’m with Erica, I can barely write an inadequate and ode and you’re going to explore the meaning of life! Your blogs make me feel sheepish (well, except that one about listing food 😉 )

  3. Carin says:

    well, i’m just going to have to see what this all turns out to be. i’m not quite sure what you’re going to write.

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