Ohhhhhhh SHHHEEEEIT….I just flipped the script on you bitches!  I threw the chili in the microwave RIGHT NOW! That’s right…the late night snack at 5:30.  I’m gonna eat the meal at 10.  Cause I effing can.

You see what happened….the Hawks game is starting at 6.  And I like to eat my food while I watch TV shows…not sports.  Cause I like to read while I watch sports.  And the soup was quick to make.  So here we are…

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5 Responses to TWIST!

  1. lilslik says:

    this just in: AL ROKER IS IN CHICAGO.

  2. doctorwaffle says:

    He’s been there ALL DAY! Frankly, I’m surprised you haven’t seen run into him 🙂

  3. kerouaccat says:

    Hmmm…guess he didn’t make it out to my neck of the woods.

    COME ON NOW!!!!!!!!

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