Initial Blizzard Thoughts

OK…it has begun.

I got home about 4:30.  School was silly today…nobody really wanted to work.  It was sorta like the day before Christmas break.

I stopped at the grocery store on the way home and spend (ugh) 63 dollars.  But I have plenty of food and liquor for the next 36 hours.  So here comes a question…I have four meals planned for The Get Slizzard Blizzard and I’m trying to decide which one to have tonight.

Meal 1: Granola with soy milk. Grapefruit. Morningstar Farms patties. Toaster Strudel.  (This meal is sort of locked into breakfast tomorrow.)

Meal 2: Morningstar Farms Italian Sausage.  Tots.

Meal 3: Grilled cheese sandwich (vegan is on hold.) Wolfgang Puck tortilla soup or Amy’s chili (the one I don’t eat with the meal perhaps can be a late night snack.)

Meal 4: Leftover Chinese.

I’m thinking maybe to go with the snausages and tots tonight.  That way if I have leftover tots I can add them to my AWESOME breakfast (aside from beer, this is probably the single most awesome aspect of having a snow day.)  Also, Chinese food would probably be a good lunch tomorrow. So look at that…I guess I solved my own problem.

OK….here we go.

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11 Responses to Initial Blizzard Thoughts

  1. lilslik says:

    My vote is for the chilli, but who am I to tell you what to eat.
    I just made a complex recipe called Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.
    It was a step up from my liquid dinner last night.

  2. kerouaccat says:

    There is gonna be plenty of liquid dining as well.

  3. doctorwaffle says:

    Yummmm…grilled cheese. Are you otherwise on the vegan bandwagon?

    Enjoy the snow! It was 79 degrees here today, which was awesome.

    • kerouaccat says:

      Meh…I would like to be vegan. But I don’t see myself ever being a strict vegan. Basically I’m just trying to not buy animal products at the grocery store. I will eat cheese or whatever when I go out to eat or when I’m at somebody’s house but I’m trying not to use it for home preparation. But I did buy cheese today for grilled cheese. Also…I’m not going to extend it to things like crackers or bread that happened to be made with animal products. I’m just avoiding buying blatant shit like eggs and cheese. Carin posted that thang about how vegans can’t eat beer or honey and all that other shit and that’s ridiculous to me. Honey…I mean…no bees are harmed in the making of honey. And even if they were…who the fuck cares…they are bees. And beer just cause it is filtered with eggs…to me that does not make beer an animal product…it just means that the people who made the beer use animal products. I think it is comparable to eating fries that were made on the same grill as a burger.

      And I’m totally enjoying the snow….

    • doctorwaffle says:

      I’ve noticed that I spend a lot less on groceries when there isn’t milk/cheese/eggs in my cart. So that always helps. I’m with you on the honey thing. I sometimes use agave nectar, but more for variety than ethics. I know nothing about the beer thing, but there is vegan beer if you’re ever so inclined. has a useful list that I just googled.

      I mean, vegans technically aren’t supposed to wear leather shoes or use certain soaps. I just don’t have time to track all that shit down. Everyone has to draw the line somewhere.

      I also follow the rule about eating some dairy when visiting people. I’m OK with announcing that I’m a vegetarian, but usually people offer me cheese pizza as a substitute. I don’t want to be an ass. 🙂

  4. chareelouise says:

    hmm, I think every meal sounds great and I might copy your grilled cheese meal for lunch tomorrow!

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