The joy of procrastination

Well today turned out to not be such a bad day after all.  Work was not terrible.  We actually had a somewhat productive PD Wednesday.  I got to hear more about this zebra…so that was something.  And I even got a chance to go to Panera for lunch and get some macaroni and cheese and black bean soup.  And a strawberry smoothie.  I love smoothies.  I think I will start a smoothie club for anyone else who loves smoothies but isn’t sure where they can go for a club that shares this interest.

Then after school I skoodaddled off to the eye doctor.  The thing I like about the eye doctor: it doesn’t take very long and nothing hurts.  The thing I don’t like about the eye doctor: there is always confusion with my insurance and it is SOO much pressure.  I really enjoy the no pain thing, but the eye doctor is the only doctor where the patient can mess up.  I get so nervous when he says CLEARER NUMBER ONE OR BRIGHTER NUMBER TWO.  What if I answer incorrectly?  And then he always says GOOD afterwords, which just adds to my anxiety because it makes it sound like there actually is a right or wrong answer and I very easily could have fucked this up.  Plus the eye doctor is a little weird.  He did that thing where he shot air in my eye and I jumped and then he said….”OK…and there is one more.”  Thanks for the anatomy lesson.  Then I went and ate supper with Moms.

Then I went to Jewel because today was the last day to cash in my stickers for my free cookware.  I had 61 stickers and so the only thing I could get was the smallest frying pan which was fifty stickers.  But then I realized that the stir fry pan, which was 100 stickers, could be purchased for $12.99 with fifty stickers.  It’s a $54.99 value so that’s a really good deal and I decided to buy it.  So I took it over to the customer service desk and I made a comment to the lady about how I wish there was something I could use those remaining eleven stickers on and she said, “Oh that’s ok…I’m just going to give it to you for free.”  AND SHE DID!  I guess it turns out so many people were redeeming their stickers today and just dumped off all their remaining stickers so she gave me 39 STICKERS!  ALL I DO IS WIN WIN WIN NO MATTER WHAT!  So that was the highlight of my day.  So the moral of the story…wait till the last possible moment you can do something and you will get free shit.

And with that….you are ALL invited over for a stir fry party! With smoothies.

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5 Responses to The joy of procrastination

  1. chareelouise says:

    I love smoothies and stir fry! Does that mean when we come down that’s what we’re doing? I’m totally down for that. 😀

  2. Carin says:

    YOU GOT A FREE FRYING PAN?? omg. you are so lucky.

    i miss mac & cheese.

    that sounds like a fantastic day. what did pitter pat make for dinner?

  3. doctorwaffle says:

    What a nice day! And I bets moms was really excited about your free frying pan. I heard all about the stickers when I was there. The cash register was really anxiety-producing because she was really worried she’d forget to collect her stickers.

    I need to go to the eye doctor.

  4. lilslik says:

    MIKE! When I read about you getting the stir fry pan for free, DJ Khaled popped in my head because I use that line alllll the time – any time something goes my way – and then I continued reading and you wrote it! This put the biggest smile on my face EVER!

    This is the extent of the conversation at my eye doctor.
    One or Two.
    Two or Three.
    Three or One.
    A or B.
    B or C.
    Better or worse.
    A little better?
    Better yet or before?
    One or Two.
    Two or Three.

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