Today was ok.

One funny thing was my not autistic kid was mad cause I wouldn’t give him a toy zebra (I don’t own a toy zebra…I don’t know how he got it stuck in his head that I owed him a toy zebra.)  The first thing he said when he got off the bus was I WANT THAT ZEBRA!  And I was like…come again.  And then he didn’t shut up about the zebra for at least an hour.  I printed him a picture of a zebra and told him he could have it and he was like NOT THAAAAT ZEBRA!  Finally we were playing a matching game and there was a picture of a stuffed zebra and he goes THIS ZEBRA!  And I was like…you can carry that card around if you like.  But no…he wanted the actual toy from the picture…and I was like TIME TO GET USED TO DISAPPOINTMENT.  So he kept being mad and ran out in the hall and rolled around and screamed for a while and this little girl from the room next door was working out in the hall and she was like EXCUSE ME COULD YOU PLEASE MAKE HIM BE QUIET SO I CAN GET SOME WORK DONE.  I glared at her…

Also…I saw JR and Jen today.  I don’t generally rank couples but they are my favorite couple in the world.  We went to Giordano’s and they argued for about ten minutes over whether or not Hawaii is part of North America and how Jen doesn’t understand the basic rules of 20 Questions (she had never heard of the game before last week) and also I got to meet their baby boy Lewis who likes to bounce.

Then I flipped back and forth between the Hawks game and the SOTU.  One was better than the other.

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  1. Carin says:

    you have kids that aren’t autistic? i’m not really sure where you teach. what is your classroom like?

  2. doctorwaffle says:

    One of my favorite parts about JR and Jen is Jen. I’ve only met her once, but she really won me over with the epic story of her pet pig.

  3. lilslik says:

    I am a Minnesota Wild fan so I was pleased with the outcome.
    I didn’t actually watch that game or the SOTU. Instead I watched Hellcats. First new episode since the end of November. Duh.

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