Just cause I feel I should post something

Today was a not so bad day.  I had plan time and even though most of it was taken up by meetings it was nice to be out of the classroom for awhile.  More importantly….STUDENT COUNCIL.  None of us prepared anything so we were all like HEY we should just take them to the gym.  And that’s what we did!  I led the line and the kids followed me if you can BELIEVE it!  And so then we had them play this game called Klump.  They walk around…running is strictly prohibited cause we don’t want to deal with that shit.  Then after 10-15 seconds a grown up  (like me) yells the name of a number (like three) and all the kids have to get in a group and some kids are left out.  Kind of a mean game.  This one time we yelled  SEVENTY ONE and the best part was kids were scrambling trying to get into groups without realizing SEVENTY ONE was everyone.  Lulz.  So we made fun of them.  Klump was a success and easy!  Janet (the teacher who said “fuck” last week) thinks we should play Klump every week.  I told her we maybe should just rename student council Klump Klub.  But we probably won’t.  Too much politics involved.  But Klump is a fun game and I highly recommend it to anyone who is a kid or likes games involving getting into groups of a given number.  Now….for some bed.

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6 Responses to Just cause I feel I should post something

  1. yay klump!

    aren’t you so excited by the thought that we’ll probably be in the same time zone next year?

    me too.

  2. Lynsye says:

    I’m SO playing Klump after I give a test on Friday. And I’ll be yelling numbers in FRENCH! This should add to the mayhem–and my fun.

  3. lilslik says:

    Klump sounds like a really fun game. It makes kids count and add, like what cribbage does for adults.

  4. chareelouise says:

    Ok, i’ve never heard of klump, but I used to LOVE gym games. Nothing wrong with healthy competition.

  5. doctorwaffle says:


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