oh come on now this is a terrible blog that should not have a title

Well I was all worked up to blog about Huck Finn and “nigger” and “retard” tonight.  But…you know…meh.  It seems more like a weekend post.

Today was better…not great.  It started terrible.  Sleeping was a pain cause I was a bundle of anxiety.  Still I overslept.  Then it was PD Wednesday which is always a wonderful way to start the day…NOT!!!!! And then one of my TA’s called in sick…and she was pretty much the only thing keeping me from having a meltdown on my shit smorgasbord day yesterday.  So not a good start.  But I had my plan time in the afternoon.  I didn’t get as much done as I hoped….but I felt better.  Then I had student council and it was all kinds of awesome.  It’s just a brand of awesome I don’t often see in my enclosed special ed environment.  Here are a few of the awesome things that happened:

1) I sneakily stole scissors and glue from Ann Art.  (Not to be confused with that whore Ann Arbor.)

2) A teacher said “fuck” in the general vicinity of kids.

3) The kids wrote Valentine’s cards for the elderly and one of the kids wrote, “I hope you don’t die soon”, and my friend Steve yelled at him but I put things in front of my face because I was laughing and then he was trying not to laugh because he was yelling at the kid.  It was classic.

4) I had to help a little girl rewrite a PA promo for St. Jude Children’s Hospital because it began with, “Look at that poor hopeless child.  What can we do for her?”  Steve was like…”Mike…you’re a wordsmith…what’s a different way she could say this?”  LOL!  I went with, “How about….LOOK AT THAT CHILD.  HE LOOKS SICK.” I changed the gender of the child.

5) I fucked up dismissal again but it wasn’t so bad.

So not a terrible day I guess.  And no kids on Friday so tomorrow is my last kids day this week.  Also, tomorrow night is roller skating night.  I wish you could all be there for that.  I’m gonna show off my roller skating moves.  Last year the morning after roller skating night all the teachers were like YOU ARE REALLY GOOD ON THOSE INLINE SKATES.  And I thought that was sort of funny cause I really didn’t do anything besides skate round and round and round.  But whatever…

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10 Responses to oh come on now this is a terrible blog that should not have a title

  1. carin says:

    yay michael row your!

  2. chareelouise says:

    I used to have a teacher that swore in our classroom all the time. He was tenured.

    #3 and #4 made me laugh out loud (like Erica said, not to be mistaken with LOL)

    Krissy is also a phenomenal skater…she stayed upright when I went horizontal.

  3. lilslik says:

    You sound like a fun person to work with.
    Everything you said made me smile, smirk, giggle or laugh out loud (number 4).

  4. doctorwaffle says:

    Your job yields such better stories than mine does. Inline skates. I wonder who named those. It really is a practical name.

  5. michael, do you think i’m kind of autistic? like maybe a smidge of asperger’s? sometimes i think i’m just not like other people.

  6. I look forward to the Huck Finn “nigger” discussion with much enthusiasm. Also, I’m pretty sure that I would tell someone “I hope you don’t die soon,” so that kid had it right. Any day is a good day where no one goes shirtless in the classroom.

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