My Uninteresting (but not that bad) Weekend

WordPress is NOT user friendly.  Especially when one has been drinking.

Anyway…this weekend has been a bit of a bust for me.  I had plans for a good weekend and this has been at best a neutral and uninteresting weekend.  Next weekend will be excellent.  This weekend I didn’t spend much money at least.  But here are some GOOD things from this weekend…gotta salvage something:

1) Friday’s post-work “meeting” was a pretty good time.

2) I slept GREAT last night….9 hours.

3) Three of the four football games were entertaining and the result is that the Bears get to play the Seahawks.  Win.

4) At least I have another great story about how terrible the Congress is.  (I maybe might tell the whole story later in the week.)

5) Not getting my car back this weekend was a huge bummer but at least it opens me up to taking a day off work and having some weekday fun.

6) Sunday night TV is back.  I think I will hold on to my Showtime for a while.

7) Did some reading.
That’s about it.  So not a BAD weekend cause nothing really BAD happened.  Just not a GOOD weekend cause it was sorta boring and a couple things I really wanted to do fell through.  So now I look forward to next (LONG!) weekend…Bulls v. Heat, Bears playoff, GANGSTA GIBBS, and who knows what else…should be fun.

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9 Responses to My Uninteresting (but not that bad) Weekend

  1. A) I agree that WordPress is less than user friendly. I blame my wife and your sister for perpetuating this awful lie.

    B) What’s on Sunday night television? I feel like I am missing something.

    C) While it sucks that your car is not yet ready, this might actually mean that we will get to see you when you come get it, as during the previously scheduled pick-up time Charee and I were out of town. Which is how it always seems to work, and I’m sick of having to say “Sorry Mike, we’re in South Africa this weekend (or wherever we actually are)” when you call.

    • lilslik says:

      Sorry Mike, we’re in South Africa this weekend.
      Laughing out loud. (not just lol).

    • kerouaccat says:

      B) Showtime debuted a couple new shows last night: “Episodes” and “Shameless”. The former did not do a whole lot for me but I think it has potential enough that I will continue watching for awhile. “Shameless” stars William H. Macy and I really enjoyed the pilot. Also “The Cape” was on last night but I didn’t watch it yet.

      C) My fingers are crossed that I will be able to pick up my car on Wednesday. It may be done tomorrow. That was my plan. But they said they wouldn’t be able to answer that till tomorrow and I said well that doesn’t really help me and they didn’t really care. But I am definitely craving some Pump House.

  2. lilslik says:

    Next weekend is looking promising. Are you going to Bears/Seahawks?
    Are you seeing Freddie Gibbs in concert?

    I agree about this site not being user friendly. I’m slowly learning it, but I’m generally confused about things and find myself using their help options a lot. Plus, it’s the same problem as xanga all over again – not knowing if someone replied to your comment – UNLESS you subscribe to them. And then you get a bunch of emails which annoys me.

  3. chareelouise says:

    Your somewhat interesting weekend was somewhat interesting to read about. 😉 Come up and let’s go to pumphouse. Or better yet, let’s go down there and check out your digs, something we keep promising to do but are total terds and haven’t done yet.

  4. doctorwaffle says:

    Complainers!!!!! I love the email option. It’s my favorite part. 🙂

    • lilslik says:

      Charee showed me how to track my comments in addition to the manage comments section. I think I’ll use this instead of requesting emails that clutter my inbox.

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