Day 59

Kinda a meh day. My morning kid canceled so that was nice. I slept in and then watched “Breaking Bad” which was good as always. Then I tried to find someone to go to the Sox game with me. To no avail. Then I took Jack to the Barnes and Noble and we listened to music. Came home…pondered going to the Sox game alone…then ate the tickets. Drank on the balcony instead. So much for summer spontaneity. So it goes…

I think summer could use a reset button.

But in lieu of that…here’s some music.

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Day 58

Sunday. Storms are crazy. At night time. About every two hours.

Woke up way too late. Clouds go away. Sit outside and drink a beer and more beers.

After beers and outside and Cubs win. My friends came. They drove to Chicago. We went and had some saucy Thai food at a Thai restaurant. The Thai restaurant was BYOB so we BOOB. It was warm. But it worked. Then we went into Wicker Park Festival. Brought beer again. I finished 80% of a Foster’s tall boy before security caught me. Handed him the empty bottle. Got on with evening. Saw Blitzen Trapper. So so good.

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Day 57

Day 57 was Sabbath and I went to church at Hinsdale. I hadn’t been there in a minute. I have to say that after a week of isolation I was actually quite looking forward to going to church. And it was….pretty awful. I usually end up texting with Paul during church and from our conversations I have noticed a trend that church has just gotten absurd….I don’t mean bad necessarily, just sort of batshit crazy. I’ve been telling Paul that I’m about to start going to church on drugs and see what happens cause it’s gotten that weird. Here are some examples from both Paul’s church and mine over the last several weeks and months:

– Burr Ridge: The children’s story was nothing but a ten minute summary of The Sandlot, complete with real names and quotes. At the end the lady asked the kid who knew the moral of the story, claiming that if they had been listening it should be obvious. When greeted with silence she continued to nudge them along until one brave kid was like, “Obey your parents?” And then the lady goes “THAT’S RIGHT! go back to your seats.”

– Hinsdale: Our pastor has a propensity to say really inappropriate things in the pulpit. Two examples. “I was driving along the highway and I passed a cop and….he fingered me!” “For communion today we have a special room set up downstairs for men who wish to service other men.” He is a religious Tobias Funke.

– Gainesville: The head elder said there will be no “beer parlors” in heaven.

– Gainesville: “Dude…we are having special music…synth keyboard…80s beat….ABOUT CHRISTMAS.” Message from Paul on June 18.

So the weirdest thing that happened this week was just that the closing prayer lasted TEN FUCKING MINUTES. You know how the closing prayer is usually just, “Go now into the world in the grace of God.” Not this week. It started like a regular prayer, then two pastors were there at once and they took turns praying for the next ten minutes. It was like this….one of them would pray for all the youth leaders, then the other would pray for the grounds crew, then the other would pray for the janitors, and on and on. It was ridiculous.

After church I went to Olive Garden with my cousins. I love Olive Garden, mostly for minestrone and breadsticks. After I was done eating decided I may as well go to BWW and play some trivia on a Sabbath afternoon. So I did….first game I scored a 6666! No lie…then I decided may as well bring the party home so I got me some beer and I sat out on my balcony till it got dark outside and read this book called The Hole in Our Gospel. Then my friends Phil and Laura wanted to watch Wayne’s World so they came over and brought Whole Foods and more beer and we watched that and Chappelle’s Block Party. Druuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunk

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Day 56

I didn’t get up till about 10 on Friday which was especially frustrating since I went to bed at like 11:30. I did wake up at some point in the night and couldn’t sleep so I moved to the couch and was out cold till I woke up at 10. Meh. I hate sleeping that long.

So I got up and watched “Fresh Prince”. I talked to my mom who made her daily morning call (not to be confused with the daily afternoon call, daily evening call, or random calls when she actually has something to talk about.) Then I watched Obama’s town hall meeting. A little while before eleven I started really hating the prospect of another summer day sitting and watching TV and doing little else. So I said fuck it and went to the Cubs game. It turned out to be a nice day…not brutally hot like the day before. The Cubs won 4-2.

At night I did nothing.

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Day 55

I still haven’t had a chance to talk about “Friday Night Lights”. (This is total bullshit…I’ve had plenty of chances to talk about “FNL”. I haven’t done a damn thing all week.) I’ll keep it short. I really liked the finale. They tied everything together very nicely. In fact, I almost felt like they tied it together TOO nicely. But in the end it really was a show where I appreciated happy endings since I love the characters so much.

Other TV related news…I’ve been watching a shit ton of TV as it’s been 120 fucking degrees outside. “Breaking Bad” was absolutely stellar. That show just gets better and better.

I also watched that movie “Cedar Rapids”. It’s funny but not side splittingly so. I appreciated the theme, especially given recent family developments involving both Cedar Rapids and insurance sales.

I also watched “The Adjustment Bureau”. And I enjoyed it.

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Day 54

I just found out about Kendrick Lamar.

It’s so silly that I’m just now finding out about a rapper with a song called “Kush and Corinthians”. But then again…I just figured out THIS Phife Dawg song exists:

I knew Phife had some Adventist connections but I didn’t know he had a full verse about them. Or that that verse was so hilarious.

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Day 53

I had a day off Tuesday so I went and ate lunch with Erica…she said she was never going to see me again and I proved her wrong. Erica wanted to go to Nikki’s….I think this seems logical because “Nikki” and “Slikkers” are the only double K words I can think of off the top of my head. Plus the food is good and cheap. We had a talk about blankets that was pretty much the highlight of my week so far.

After lunch I went to several beaches. I pondered doing a few things like driving up to Holland to see Adam but I didn’t. I just drove up the coast to a beach called…shit, I can’t remember but it was really small and there weren’t many people and the sun was out and it was nice. Unfortunately, there was nowhere for me to put on a swimsuit so I didn’t stay there too long. I went and bought blueberries and beer instead. Then I went to Weko and drank three beers and listened to Jens Lekman. Unfortunately, it was so foggy I couldn’t see the water. Also there seemed to be a lot of douchebags with barbed wire tattoos…you know the type. But it was still a nice alone time at the beach. Then I left and drove home the long way.

When I got home “Superbad” was on tv. Yay. I love that movie but my high school experience was NOTHING like that.

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